Jewish   Acco - עכו היהודית (אנגלית) - השתלמות 408 - 21.1.21

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During the day we will meet the history of Jewish Acco, Not only Crusaders. Christians and Moslems but Jews as well lived in the city

As the entrance to the country everyone who came here walked through this gate.

We will walk in the footsteps of Rabban Gamliel – the head of the Sanhedrin, R. Yehuda and R. Yossi. Later in history R. Yehuda Halevi, Rambam and Ramban, R. Nahman of Breslev, and R, Yisrael of Shklov – one of the Gr"a disciples – all visited and walked through the city.
We will hear about Napoleon's "Balfur declaration", visit some of the interesting Synagogues (not the Tunisian Shul), and many other sites that has to do with the Jewish History of the city.

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This and more in a great day with Dr. Hagi Amitzur