Sanhedrin Trail - From Usha to Shefaram השתלמות 410 -  1.3.21

From Usha to Shefaram - Details and Registration press here

During the day we will deal with Galilean Aspects of the Mishnaic – Talmudic Period. As part of the day we will hike along the Sanhedrin Trail with Dr. Hagi Amitzur – the founder and Father of the project. Hiking difficulty level - light to average.

We will deal with issues like how the Trail was born – from vision to reality.

We will visit Usha and understand its importance for Jewish history and heritage. We will visit the new Archaeological Excavations, walk to the "Shabbat Stone" and follow in the footsteps pf R, Yehuda ben Bava.

We will continue to Shefaram and visit the old Synagogue , learn about the Jewish community that was her till the 20th Century and visit its cemetery.
All of this and much more in a very interesting day guided by Dr, Hagi Amitzur.

For details and registration - press here